20 Oct 2014


We've been having so much fun enjoying probably the last days of warm weather. We've been going out a lot, eating some really good food (we're trying out food from all the new food trucks around the city), meeting with friends and working. We need to wrap up all the photo shoots for our website and hopefully we'll have all the shots by the time winter comes and freezes our butts off. 
But inbetween photoshoots and all the other things we're busy being madly in love with our precious girl. Lara is such an adorable little person, she smiles almost all the time and her good mood and joy are always a good start to the day. 

Here are a few rather random photos we took while visiting my parents a few weeks ago and some more we took while out and about here in Krakow. 

6 Oct 2014

Life lately

Life lately...has been good, really good. What can I say, I love being a mother and my little family of four is more than I could ever have asked for. Our little girl is simply the coolest kid on earth and she even motivated us to move our asses and do stuff, I mean really do them this time. We are about to launch a new website and will post it here so you'll have a chance to see what we've been working on. In the meantime here is a few snapshots so that it's not only about me bragging. 

yet another lovely trip with roxy and michal, walking your dog it way more fun when it's in places like this

someone left his pants just lying there in the forest

in case i forgot to mention...baby wraps are the best

and hot tea from a flask is the best

working hard on those muscles

but boy it's so exhausting

she loves to read inbetween naps

these two are going to be best friends, i'm sure

little morning get together with my dearest friend Gosia

 and testing new wraps with my bestie lara

i've been working hard on my autumn wardrobe

and going to kamil's birthday dinner last week

Hope your life lately was also pretty damn good. 
Have a great week!

27 Sep 2014

Wednesday is the new Saturday

It's so good to have a freelance job, you can have weekend in the middle of a week. And that is exactly what we did. We have friends who have a lovely house near Cracow so every time there is a chance we ruthlessly invite ourselves for dinner, or just to hang out or to hang out and then have dinner or...lets face it, it's the coolest when we visit and stay for almost two days. It was a blast, we had sushi, played board games (while both babies slept, aren't they angels?), listened to music and played with our girls. Me and Magda had our babies only four months apart so basically we had our girls at the same time. It is wonderful to see them both hang out in one crib, they'll surely have a great reminder when they are our age and good friends. 

waiting to be served

that's how you're treated at our friends' house, coffee IN bed 

Kamil does not look creepy at all in this picture and he does not look as if he was strangling Matylda either

Everything turned out ok and there were no victims

chilling out while grown ups prepare breakfast

...and one hell of a breakfast it was

now time for a stroll

...along old train tracks

...with all four of our babies

i love carrying Lara in the wrap

mommies and their babies

gathering some wood for the fireplace, there is nothing you can't do while carrying your baby in a wrap

some seriously tired doggies, they were close to being friends for a short while

and last but not least...

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